Me Made May Recap

Me Made May is a celebration of wearing the clothes you have sewn.  There are various ways people choose to participate and this is embraced!  My plan was to post a picture of each day on Instagram of what I wore, I wanted to see just how often I actually wear clothes that I have made…but life got in the way.  May is a busy month! So, daily pictures did.not.happen!

I also discovered that I wear the same items (in basically the same way) multiple times.  Either I lack creativity or I choose not to mess with a good thing!

Here are some things I’ve worn over and over again this month:

  1. My Black Briar T — I wear this at least once each week.  I have it made in two different black fabrics and have found that I prefer it in the the sturdier cotton/spandex blend.

    Usually I wear this shirt with jeans but it also dresses up a bit with a maxi skirt.  I’ve had this skirt for years…I made it from a thrifted pleated skirt.
  2. My Striped Briar T — I’ve worn this at least once a week the second half of the month.  I didn’t like it and couldn’t figure out why.  I thought it might be because the fabric was extra drapey and I didn’t like how it fit.  I realized that it was just too long.  So, I opened up the side seam and tied the tails in a knot.  Now it drapes “right” and I love it!IMG_20170529_175635_038
  3. My Briar T Turned Dress — I’ve been wanting a t-shirt dress for a long while but most I have seem have been either made with too thin/clingy fabric or have been too short.  I finally just decided to make my own!  I used this ponte fabric and it is the perfect weight!IMG_20170529_174636_934
  4. Panel T and dress — I made this panel t-shirt with scraps and have been wearing it almost weekly.  I really liked the pattern and wanted to try the dress, so finally got around to doing that.
  5. This top is refashioned from a button down shirt that was too big.  I put the buttons in the back and added the crocheted hem (salvaged from two old pillow cases).  I used the York Blouse pattern as a starting point.IMG_20170529_174212_517
  6. I made this top last year and was excited to get it back out this spring!IMG_20170529_173953_593
  7. This month I picked up a strapless maxi dress at a garage sale for $1 (in like-new condition!)  Since strapless is not my thing, I made the fabric into this dolman shirt.  I’m loving the drape of it and I feel so French chic when I wear it!  I self-drafted this top and overall it turned out well.  With a few small tweeks, it will be a staple pattern for me!IMG_20170529_174426_373
  8. I made this shirt last year and had pretty much forgotten about it until I began switching out my winter clothes for spring clothes.  I used this free 2 hour top pattern as a starting point.IMG_20170529_174954_603

9. I was also excited to pull out this dress again.  I made it last summer and wore it often last year.  I’m sure it will get lots more wear this year.  It was refashioned from a thrifted ($0.25) maternity dress!

10. This skirt I’ve already worn a few times this spring and expect many more times to come!IMG_20160620_144653_743

A few things I learned from Me Made May:

I like to keep things easy (top and bottom and minimal accessories).  I also like versatile basics.  So, I need to focus on finding patterns I LOVE for basic tops that have a unique design element or that can be elevated by fabric choice.

I need to invest in quality fabrics.  Because I wear and wash the same things often, I need to focus on using quality fabrics and taking the time to sew a quality garment that will last.

While jeans are an everyday basic for me, I don’t have the time to invest in the intensive muslin making process of getting a perfect fit.  For now I’ll just stick to thrifting my jeans!

What have you been learning about how and what you sew?

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