Why I Sew

I learned to sew from my mother when I was about 12…I was at that awkward age and body development where I was beginning to outgrow children’s sizes but all the women’s clothes looked too old for me…especially dresses…like for church.  So, my mom and I started sewing me “church clothes”.

I sewed a bit throughout high school and college…mostly skirts and a couple of quilts.  My mom gave me a sewing machine when I graduated from college…it is a Viking from the  and 1970’s.  It was top-of-the-line in its day and still works great; I love how heavy-duty it is!

I started sewing again about 4 years ago and each year since, I seem to sew more.  Sewing doesn’t make sense to some people…why pay for fabric (it’s often expensive) and still have to take the time to make something!?  Everyone’s reason’s for sewing are different…here are mine:

1. It’s fun!  I enjoy the creative process and being able to make something my own.

2. I can’t find what I want for a price I am willing/able to pay.  Sometimes I can find something similar to what I want…but usually it is not a price I’m can pay!  While sewing my own might cost more than a cheap version, I know that I will be happier to spend a little more money and make something “perfect”.

3. I want to encourage slow fashion and ethical fashion.  But I can’t afford to buy only from ethical brands…so I can thrift and sew my way to an ethical closet and home.

4. I can sew clothes for my kids the way I want them — not too “trendy”, long enough, triple re-enforced knees…and often for less than buying them (sometimes even the cheap version), especially when using thrifted fabric.

Here at Thrifted and Sewn you will see my creative process and fun thrifting finds.  Please join me for this journey!

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