Where do I Find the Time to Sew?

I am a home school mom with three elementary aged kids.  I am committed to making real food from scratch and because of food sensitivities this is something I can’t compromise on.

We live in a small house (1150 square feet) which is great!  (Except for the fact that I don’t have a designated sewing spot:

My “sewing space” is also where we eat meals, do school and play!

So, when and how do I find the time to sew?!  It is all about life and home systems.  My systems save my sanity every.single.day.

The thing about systems is that they often need to change as the situation changes.  What works for me may not work for you.  And what works for me today may not work for me tomorrow.

This is why I love the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!  So many great resources and such a great deal!  Each year that I have purchased this bundle I have found at least a few things that have made my life better.  And because it is so inexpensive, even if I only ever use a few of the resources I am still getting my money’s worth.  It is also great that once I’ve downloaded everything (they make it super quick and easy) it is mine forever!  So something that I don’t need right now, I may be able to use later!

What I am most excited about for my sewing life is the SAHM capsule wardrobe course/challenge (this on its own is the same price as the bundle).  This style course also looks great and is worth more than twice the bundle price!  I hope that by completing it I will have a better idea of where I should focus my sewing time on!

My kids are also looking forward  to lots of time coloring with a new fancy coloring book that is included!  (I love the creativity I see in them when they color these “fancier” pictures!)

Check out the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and order HERE!

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