Dove Blouse

I love Megan Nielsen sewing patterns!  They are very well drafted, everything lines up so well and the directions are very thorough and helpful.  Her sizing also fits me well with no or minimal alternations needed.  When she launched the Dove Blouse pattern I loved it at first sight and used some birthday money to purchase the pattern.

Megan Nielsen Dove Blouse

I made this version with some thrifted fabric as a muslin.  I loved how it turned out but it was a bit snug throughout the shoulders (I made a size small).

Next, I made this version (in a size medium) with super cheap fabric from Walmart.  I wanted to try out the bell sleeves!  The fit was better but because of the loose weave of the fabric, it was too big and seemed to stretch.  While the bell sleeves were super fun, I realized they were not practical for my everyday life…how was I supposed to keep them out of the dishwater!?

Megan Nielsen Dove Blouse

Finally, I made this one.  I made a size medium in the shoulders and tapered to a size small at the hips.  I used a rayon & linen blend and I love how it turned out!

The sewing instructions for this pattern are great!  It is a fairly easy sew if you follow the directions and pay attention to details.  The French darts and the neckline and hem facing fit well and sew up well as long as you pay close attention to cutting and seam allowance.

I’d love to make another version in a light-weight shirting AND with the bell sleeves…even if they are not very practical just because they are so fun!

Once again Megan Nielsen has created a pattern that I love!

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