Seamwork Hayden

I loved everything about the idea of this top: made with woven fabric, hip length, relaxed silhouette…but alas it didn’t quite measure up to my expectations.

Seamwork Hayden Top

I think the main problem lies in my body shape: I have broad shoulders which places me in a size 12 while my waist puts me in a size 8.  Seamwork patterns are also drafted for a C cup size…and I’m an A.  Needless to say, this top which I had hoped would be a fairly easy sew, ended up needing lots of alteration!

Seamwork Hayden Top

I did a small bust adjustment which worked for the shoulders and bust area but it was still tent-like near the waist/hips.  So I took in the side seams from the underarms to the hips.  This helped the fit but I still had a funny pucker and extra fabric under the arms.  So I just kind of took some more in and hoped for the best!

This fabric is a black faux suede and maybe was also too thick for this projects.  The seams don’t lay quite flat…or maybe that is due to my sewing and altering!  I only wore it a couple times during the fall and have it put away now.  I’ll see how I feel about it when I pull it out again next autumn.

If I decide to make a woven T again, I’ll probably use the Sudley Blouse Pattern by Megan Nielsen.

Seamwork Hayden Top

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