Seamwork Oslo Cardigan

Hello!  Long time no post!  Also, long time no sew!  I’ve been busy with life this winter and sewing has taken a back seat to pretty much everything else.  Other than a little bit of mending, I’ve been focusing on life and on my other blog.

However, spring is here (even though it snowed 6 inches last night…)!  I’m evaluating my closet needs for this spring and summer and looking to fill a few holes.  I’ve visited a few thrift stores during the past few weeks and haven’t found what I’m looking for.  I’ve also been “window” shopping online looking for styles I like…and I’m not finding what I want!

So, I guess it is back to sewing!  Before I start working on some new things I need to add the things I sewed last summer and fall before I took a break from sewing to focus on other parts of life.

Seamwork Osl Cardigan

First up is the Oslo Cardigan by Seamwork.  I like cardigans in the winter.  We heat our home with a wood stove, so our house is quite warm, which is lovely!  But when I leave the house I need to add another layer because other places are not as warm as our house!

I choose black microfleece because back coordinates with most everything in my closet and I wanted something soft and cozy!

Seamwork Oslo Cardigan

I choose to make a size large because I wanted it to fit loosely and I wasn’t sure how this fabric would work in a smaller size.  The large is plenty big, even with the microfleece, and I could have sewn a medium.  But it sure is cozy!

Seamwork Oslo Cardigan

The Oslo Cardigan pattern is a quick and easy sew!  I added a few inches to the length because I wanted it longer, but this was an easy adjustment.  Will I sew it again?  Most definitely!  I’m already thinking about a grey version and a navy version for next winter…in a refined sweater knit or maybe ponte de roma?

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