#SewMyStyle & a Sweatshirt

I lie simple, easy shirts that work well for a day at home or can be dressed up a bit with a necklace or scarf.  This is another version of the 2 hour box top.  It is made from a 100% cotton french terry, there is very little stretch.

Yep, this photo was taken over a month ago!  There is snow on the ground now.

Bluebird Fabrics is hosting a wonderful event for 2017!  It is called #SewMyStyle.  Its purpose is to bring awareness to the slow fashion movement and to encourage people to sew their own clothes by sewing one item of clothing each month.  Sign up to be a part of it and get discount codes for each of the patterns they have chosen.  I think planning to sew at least one item of clothing for myself each month in 2017 is a great goal.  However, I probably won’t be sewing all the patterns they have chosen, some of them just aren’t garments that will not fit my life well or are more involved than I may have time for.  However, I do plan to sew a similar garment…we’ll see what ends up striking my fancy at the time!

Do you have any 2017 sewing plans?


  1. Hey just started sewing and blogging 🙂 I am planning on doing the #sewmystyleproject as well to increase my sewing skills. I’m from Australia so the patterns won’t really work for my seasons but maybe I’ll shift them around a bit to make it work 🙂


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