Stash Busting Dresses

One of my sewing goals for 2016 is to use up the fabric in my stash and then to only buy fabric with a project in mind…and also not to plan too many projects ahead so I actually get them done!

Here is a dress I made for Ruthie with some remnants from my stash:

The navy and white striped fabric is from a thrifted shirt.  I used the sleeves to make Hannah a pair of leggings for under dresses and used the body of the shirt for the top of this dress.  The neckband and sleeve bands are a navy and white polka-dot knit that was left over from this shirt.  The navy knit for the skirt portion was left over from the same shirt…or maybe from this dress…it is the same knit, just got it at two different times!  The bright plum is an interlock knit that has been in my stash for forever…so glad that it finally got used!

She really likes it and I like that it is fun and super comfortable!

This dress was originally made in early 2016 as a part of the Project Run and Play for their challenge, “Nothing but Knit”.

This dress I also made for Ruthie at about the same time…but never blogged about it!

The smaller sizes of fabric left over after a project often work great to use for kids clothing…smaller bodies means less fabric is being used!  Also, with kids I feel much more freedom to be adventurous with color and pattern mixing…I like kids clothing to be fun, not like mini-adult clothing.

This dress only uses two different fabrics but has a fun color blocked effect and I was able to use up two slightly larger scraps (that still weren’t big enough for anything else).



I used this free pattern for the raglan top and simply added a gathered rectangle for the skirt.

Yeah for using up some of my stash!…Now to quit adding more fabric to my stash than projects I have time for…sigh!


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