Pattern Testing the Megan Nielsen Sudley Blouse/Dress

Over a year ago I signed up with Megan Nielsen to be a pattern tester.  I had been reading her blog for several years and love her creativeness and her pattern styles.  I bought myself her Brair T pattern for Christmas and loved it, so I was super excited to get a chance to test one of her new patterns!

The Sudley Blouse and Dress was released this past spring.  Here is what I made to test the pattern:



I made this blouse (version 1) out of a light weight cotton that I had in my stash.  I think the fabric was originally from Walmart at $1-$2 a yard.  The pattern and directions were easy to follow and came together easily, including the collar and the key hole as well as using bias binding to finish the collar and key hole. I love how Megan Nielsen patterns are so well made and professional: sizing was spot-on to my measurements and everything matched up perfectly!

As much as I loved the pattern, this blouse is not my style…this fabric, even though a light weight cotton did not have enough drape and the blouse looked too boxy on me. The collar was too big for my taste and the key hole was too big to want to wear it in the front (this blouse is designed to be reversible!).  This blouse was donate to the thrift store, but it was a great “muslin” to test the fit and pattern and the process gave me great ideas in the variation department!  That is another thing I love about Megan Nielsen patterns, so much variation potential!


I love maxi dresses for summer and was inspired to try a maxi version.  I like this one much better!  I used a rayon (I think?) from the thrift store.  The rayon was a much better fabric choice as the drape really helped the style of the pattern shine!  I made the collar and key hole smaller by 1 inch and added a very slightly gathered skirt at my natural waist.  I place 1/4 inch elastic at this waist line to cinch in the dress and added a self fabric belt so it would be a bit more polished.  I really like this dress and can’t wait to wear it this summer!  If I were to make this dress again, I would just lengthen the pieces to maxi length instead of adding a separate skirt.  My shoulders are bigger than my hips so the boxy-ness of the blouse has enough room to just lengthen.

This is my favorite version!  I made view 3 and lengthened to tunic length.  I used a rayon fabric from Walmart and used bias binding and french seams to finish it.  I did take each side in quite a bit in order to give the tunic some shape.

This will gt lots of use this summer…it is comfy and washable yet a bit dressier than a t-shirt.

As I’ve said, this pattern has so much great variation potential!  I’m thinking about trying to mash-up the Sudley with the Briar for a knit version with the Sudley keyhole and the Briar hem…


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