Hem Your Own Jeans

Jeans are an integral part of my capsule wardrobe.  I have found that I do very well with three pairs of pants/jeans in my closet for fall and winter.  Right now I have two pairs of jeans and one pair of olive green pants/jeans.  I only wear boot cut or straight leg jeans/pants…I keep thinking I’d like to try a pair of “skinny” jeans but every pair I’ve tried one doesn’t look right…so now I looking for a pair of slim but not tight dark wash jeans.  With this amount of regular wear (a couple times a week) my jeans wear out in about a year.  This year I’ve had to find new jeans more often because while I’ve only lost about three pounds in the last year, I’ve dropped two pants sizes.  (I’m not sure how this happens, but I’ve heard it is a pretty regular THM phenomenon.)

I first try to find jeans at my local thrift stores…and usually this works about 50% of the time.  However, I often end up with jeans that are too long.  I need jeans with a 30 inch inseam.  The last two pairs I’ve found have been in long length (33 inch inseam).

I’ve been using this super easy method of hemming my own jeans for the past couple of years now…It is quick and easy and works great!

Here is a before and after picture of the jeans I hemmed yesterday:

Here is some great information about what hem lengths should be for various styles of pants.

So, broaden your options next time you browse the thrift store because you know you can quickly and easily hem your own jeans!


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